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Enchanting Digital Solutions

Crafting Digital Mastery For Your Small Business

Customer Engagement mastery

This enchanting potion includes two powerful brews: 

Social Engagement Pro 

Master the Art of Social Enchantment!


  • Post everywhere from one place: Social Marketing provides one place to publish and schedule posts for all your clients’ social accounts.
  • Engage your followers: Social Marketing makes it simple to connect with your clients’ followers. Respond to their customers, share ready-to-post content, and build stronger social relationships with followers.
  • Utilize powerful AI technology to easily and quickly create new posts relevant to the audience.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Communicating with customers is easier than ever. Manage all comments left on posts and any mentions from within Social Marketing.
  • Drive ecommerce through Instagram: With the Clickable.bio feature, you can transform Instagram posts into a shoppable gallery of images, turning social fans into paying customers.
  • Track links and analyze performance: Measure the metrics that you care about with rich engagement statistics. Maintain complete oversight of all networks from this social media marketing platform. Monitor and track the links in your posts to see how many link visits originate from different social networks or from Dark Social.


Emil Engagement with Campaigns Pro

Conjure Connections with Every Send!


  • AI-powered email builder – Get unique content and imagery from a single prompt.
  • Templates – Customize our templates or create your own.
  • Multi-step campaigns – Build and schedule multi-step campaigns in minutes.
  • CRM integration – Filter contacts to curate recipient lists.
  • Engagement tracking – See a contact’s full campaign history on their record.
  • Performance reporting – Optimize campaign performance and report on ROI with full suite of analytics on each campaign.
  • SMS campaigns – Comming Soon–Get more eyes on your campaigns with SMS’ 98% average open rate.

Elevate your customer enggement to new heights with Customer Engagement Mastery for Wizards. Let your small business reign supreme in the digital realm!

Our Mision

Enchanting Digital Solutions specializes in empowering small business owners struggling with marketing. Our focus on cost-effective digital strategies is geared towards fueling business growth, even on a modest budget. Your success is our ultimate goal.

We help small business owners

Compete in the digital realm by giving them the expertise and tools they need to

  • Have an effective website
  • Opptimize business listings across the internet
  • Develope a robust digital reputation
  • Create loyalty by engaging with their customers
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